What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (2024)

Updated: January 14th, 2022 Published: April 19th, 2021

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (1)

Orange brick homes are attention-grabbers, through and through. They have that flair that people adore, often walking that fine line between European and Southwestern. Depending on the exact shade of brick, you can have a beautiful desert abode or a perfectly Spanish villa. Of course, if you want to get the most “oomph” out of an orange exterior, you need to get a good door color. But, what colors work well with this type of brick, anyway?

The best front door color for an orange brick home is a dark, earthy color like navy blue, earthy green, sienna, or dark red. It is common to match the color of your shutters to the color of your front door. Many homeowners actually go with black or white. To increase curb appeal, go with colors like yellow, purple, or orange foliage.

Getting that perfect match for an orange brick house exterior isn’t easy. Sometimes, it’s hard to get a little inspiration when it comes to your door color. Don’t panic. We got you.

While you’re browsing different doors, don’t forget to consider an accompanying doormat!

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What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (2)

What Are The Best Colors For An Orange Brick House?

Orange is a tough color to match, so you shouldn’t feel bad if you feel a little lost. The colors below are bound to get you compliments, not to mention complement your home exterior.

1. Teal

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (3)

Teal is a blue that has a slightly yellow undertone, making it a perfect complement for an orange brick wall. Here, we see a red-orange wall that was given a teal door and window. The red is emphasized because the teal’s blue contrasts with it. Meanwhile, the yellow in the wall is downplayed by the yellow undertones in the door.

This is a good option for people who want to add a little twist to their homes. However, it’s worth noting that HOAs might not like this quirky-cool option. Check before you paint!

2. Navy Blue

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (4)

Stately and perfect for a historic home, the combination of navy blue and orange is a classic sight among homes in Colonial towns like Philadelphia and Morristown. Navy blue is the type of paint color you want to use when you want to emphasize the history a home has. When paired with orange brick, the blue offers a contrast that makes the brick’s color even richer.

If you have a home that mimics the look of 19th-century architecture and want to give it a more sophisticated look, go for navy blue. It’s a look that will always stay classy. In many parts of the country, having a blue door is somewhat patriotic. It occasionally is seen as a way to harken back to the days of the Revolutionary War.

3. Bright Green

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (5)

Green is the perfect color for people who want to keep things traditional, but add a door that makes the color of their home pop. Green has yellow, which acts as a perfect complement to any other color that has yellow in it. Then, the blue acts as a contrast that brightens orange like nothing else.

Much like navy blue, green is a color that can be quirky, but also can be sophisticated. It’s in the nuances, and that’s where choosing the right shade comes into play. Light greens have a pastoral, antique look. Darker greens look like they belong on a British or Irish street, and offer a nice layer of sophistication to your design.

4. Red

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (6)

When most people think of brick, they think of the color red. This is even true for orange bricks, and there’s good reason for it. Red works. It works because it has the rosy undertones of brick, which means that it’s a natural match for all shades of brick. Better still, all shades of red match with orange brick.

When you have a bright red like the doors above, you get a quick way to make your door stand out in a rustic style. If you want to get a more sophisticated and traditional look, go for a dark red or burgundy shade. It’ll be one of the most acceptable choices for people who want to update their door but live in a strong HOA-controlled area. (Just, you know, check with the HOA before you paint!)

5. Black

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (7)

Black is one of the best door colors for any shade of home exterior. This includes common shades like white or beige, as well as more unconventional colors like orange brick. Here, we see a city home that has orange brick, accented with a black door and a dusty navy blue coat of paint on the bottom of the building. The end result is an elegant, effortless look that people adore.

If you aren’t sure what color to paint your door, then going for black is the right decision. Along with it being a timeless choice that looks great with any wall color, it’s also one of the most commonly HOA-approved colors for a door. Studies also show that having a black door helps increase the value of a home, even if everything else stays the same.

6. Wood

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (8)

Wood is another great door option for brick home exteriors. The yellow and red undertones found in most wood stains make it possible for the orange in brick to find its complement. While most other door colors involve a way to give your home a bold statement, this option offers a way to give your home a subdued yet pretty way to complement the door.

The truth is that having a wooden door is a great go-to option if you don’t want your brick’s color to look too extreme. Wood helps tone down the orange in bricks, helping your home get a more subdued look. Since wood is timeless, it’s also a look that will stay in style forever. Almost any type of wood stain will work well with orange brick.

Out of all the door types that you can choose, having a wooden door is one of the safest in terms of home sellability. While it doesn’t always have the luxury vibe of black, it still remains classic. Moreover, HOAs love wood doors, so this is also safe in terms of avoiding writeups.

7. White

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (9)

It’s crisp, it’s traditional, and it will never steer you wrong. It’s white! White doors are incredibly good for all kinds of brick home exteriors, and that includes orange brick. If you have a white door, you never have to worry about HOAs being upset with you over door choice. You also don’t have to worry about color clashing designs.

White also happens to be a good choice if you are a fan of Victorian architecture, or if you want to tone down the look of orange. It just works on so many levels!

8. Golden Yellow

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (10)

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Orange always has a magical way of looking amazing when it is paired with some color that has a similarly yellow undertone. This might be why people go ga-ga over yellow doors that are paired with brick buildings. Yellow and orange naturally coordinate with one another, giving you a unified look to your building.

The difference here is that you won’t be able to look away from the bold and bright look of the yellow. Yellow has that natural vibe of “LOOK AT ME!” It’s sunny, cheery, and also happens to make a statement on any door that has it as its color. What’s not to love?

9. Bright Orange

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (11)

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Are you looking for a way to get a bold yet gritty industrial look to your home? Perhaps you want something that looks more continuous, yet still flamboyant enough to get a reaction. Either way, a bright and fiery shade of orange is a good way to make it happen. Orange on orange always works, so it’s a coordinated look.

The downside (or upside?) in this color is that orange can have a very gritty industrial feel. This is especially true if the door is made of metal. I mean, that’s what is often found in warehouses and factories. However, it’s not all bad. With the right working motif, it could be quite chic.

10. Dark Grey

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (12)

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Dark grey, or even a rich medium grey like the one above, is a good way to make sure that you will get a beautiful but subtle contrast to your brick wall. This is because most greys have a certain level of blue undertone to them. That blue makes for a subtle contrast that tricks the eye—at least, when it’s paired with orange.

This is a pairing that is striking in its own right, but still fairly common. Neutrals have a way of being popular no matter what they are being added to, and that includes doors against brick walls. Grey will have people questioning whether the color they see is blue, or if it’s grey. It’s trippy like that.

What Colors Don’t Go Well With Orange Brick Buildings?

Having a brick house means that you’ll have a wide variety of different colors to choose from, each with its own perks and pitfalls. With that said, there are some colors that just don’t make sense if you have an orange brick building. The worst pairings include…

  • Pastel Grey. Grey can offer up a solid contrast for a brick building, but in many cases, the orange is a little bit too much for this color to handle. Most greys tend to bring out the orange of the bricks well, but also may make the building look dingy. When working with bright orange bricks, you need a color that can stand up to it…or at least, compliment what you have.
  • Griege.Griege is a mix between grey and beige. This is just not a good color for anything that is as vibrant as orange. Sorry!
  • Hot Pink/Neon Yellow/Lime Green. While it may seem cool to have something as bold as this in theory, it doesn’t really work well in real life. While Barbie Pink is very in-your-face, most places do not work well with a color that’s as extreme as this. Moreover, there’s a good chance your neighbors will complain if you have this door color.

Check out these 14 inviting front door colors for a yellow house.

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What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (13)

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Orange Brick Homes

Orange brick homes are known for their attention-grabbing flair, often striking a balance between European and Southwestern styles. The exact shade of brick used can create different effects, ranging from a beautiful desert abode to a perfectly Spanish villa. When it comes to choosing the right front door color for an orange brick home, it's important to consider colors that work well with this type of brick.

Best Front Door Colors for Orange Brick Homes

The article suggests several colors that complement and enhance the look of an orange brick home:

1. Teal: Teal is a blue color with a slightly yellow undertone, making it a perfect complement for orange brick. It creates a contrast that emphasizes the red undertones in the brick while downplaying the yellow undertones.

2. Navy Blue: Navy blue is a classic color that pairs well with orange brick, especially in historic homes or those with a 19th-century architectural style. The blue offers a contrast that enhances the richness of the brick's color.

3. Bright Green: Green, particularly shades with yellow undertones, complements orange brick beautifully. The yellow in green acts as a perfect complement to the yellow in the brick, while the blue in green creates a contrasting effect that brightens the overall look.

4. Red: Red is a natural match for brick, including orange brick. Bright red can add a rustic touch to your door, while darker shades like burgundy offer a more sophisticated and traditional look. Red is generally an acceptable choice in areas with strict Homeowners Association (HOA) guidelines.

5. Black: Black is a versatile color that works well with any shade of home exterior, including orange brick. It creates an elegant and effortless look that is highly appealing. Black doors are also commonly approved by HOAs and can increase the value of a home.

6. Wood: Wood doors, particularly those with yellow and red undertones, complement the orange in brick. This option provides a more subdued yet attractive look for your home. Wood doors are timeless and tend to be well-received in terms of home sellability and HOA guidelines.

7. White: White doors are crisp, traditional, and universally flattering for all types of brick exteriors, including orange brick. They offer a clean and classic look that works well with various architectural styles, including Victorian. White doors also avoid clashing with other colors in your design and are typically accepted by HOAs.

8. Golden Yellow: Yellow doors with a yellow undertone can create a unified look when paired with orange brick. The bold and bright nature of yellow draws attention and adds a cheery vibe to your home's exterior.

9. Bright Orange: For those seeking a bold and industrial look, a bright shade of orange can create a coordinated and eye-catching appearance. However, this color choice may give off a gritty feel, particularly when paired with metal doors.

10. Dark Grey: Dark grey or medium grey with blue undertones provides a subtle contrast to orange brick, resulting in a beautiful combination. Neutrals like grey are popular and versatile, making them a safe choice for doors against brick walls.

Colors That Don't Go Well With Orange Brick Buildings

While there are many colors that can enhance the look of an orange brick building, there are some combinations that don't work as well:

1. Pastel Grey: Pastel grey may not provide enough contrast to complement the vibrant orange of the brick. It can make the building look dingy instead of enhancing its appearance.

2. Griege: Griege, a mix of grey and beige, is not a good color choice for vibrant orange brick. The muted tones of griege may not harmonize well with the boldness of the brick.

3. Hot Pink/Neon Yellow/Lime Green: While these bold colors may seem appealing in theory, they often clash with the overall aesthetic of an orange brick building. Additionally, such vibrant colors may not be well-received by neighbors or comply with HOA guidelines.

Overall, choosing the right front door color for an orange brick home involves considering colors that complement the brick's undertones and enhance its overall appearance. The article provides a variety of color options to suit different design preferences and architectural styles.

What Are Good Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes? (2024)


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