Spring Tablescapes - Dress your table in style (2024)

By Ashlee Jane

There are few things better than a beautifully styled spring table. Make the most of the new season get-togethers with my top tips for how to dress your table in style.

For me, spring is a season of socialising. While Chris and I love inviting friends and family into our home year-round, there’s something about the gradually lighter evenings and warmer weather that makes me keen to pull out my diary and start planning dinner parties.

This year, our spring table is designed to highlight everything I love about this time of year. The dreamy pastel colours of the blooms emerging from their winter beds, the soft morning light as the sun rises while we’re on the school run, and the glimpses of newly born rabbits that we’re sometimes lucky enough to spot on our walks.

Translated into a spring tablescape, this looks like linen runners, white ceramic crockery, seasonal floral arrangements, and playful accessories. If you’re planning an Easter celebration, you can take these tips to dress your table in style to the next level by leaning in to the seasonal theming even more.

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Layer light linens

My perfect spring table always starts with a runner. This provides a clean foundation and ties everything else together. Light linens with a rustic unfinished edge are my go-to; they add texture to the table without the weight of a traditional tablecloth or winter runner. Depending on your personal preferences, you could choose a minimalist white linen runner or a spring shade of powder pink or pastel blue.

Alongside the runner, I like to layer a linen napkin on each of my place settings. I find that displaying these in the centre of each Bressingham plate is visually cleaner than placing them to the side on the table. A simple twist design can also be more effective than a more formal folded design. You can choose the same colour as your table runner linen or mix things up with a complementary shade. This year, I’ve embraced pops of pink, teaming my white linen runner with sugary soft pink linen napkins.

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Integrate spring bulbs and branches

When it comes to spring table arrangements, there are so many fantastic options to choose from. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to have multiple surfaces in your dining room or kitchen, you could give all of these displays a try. I like to mix things up; sometimes I’ll have one large focal piece in the centre of our table, while at other times I’ll move that arrangement to our sideboard and instead showcase two or three spring bulb bowls along the table length instead.

For my focal arrangement, this year I’m loving blush spring blossom branches. These stems capture the essence of the season and are the perfect transition piece to take you from winter to spring. Our ceramic glaze Suffolk Vase is a fantastic vessel for this display and provides a striking contrast to the dark wood branches. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your choice of blossoms but a few of my favourites include our faux blush quince blossom, faux blush magnolia, and faux plum blossom.

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For the spring bulb planters, I recommend choosing a low-level bowl to act as a vessel, showcasing the bulbs and ensuring conversation flows freely across your table. Consider using our footed or Beccles ceramic bowl as a base. Select two or three bulbs to place within the bowl and then surround them with living carpet moss for a refreshing burst of greenery. Stunning spring bulbs currently stocked at The Suffolk Nest include Muscari bulbs, Hyacinth bulbs, and my personal favourite, Bridal Crown bulbs.

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Add thoughtful accessories

Although I often find that less is more when it comes to creating your tablescape, carefully considered accessories can inject character into your display and will often strike a chord with your guests. Start with candles; these not only add height to your table, but also help create an intimate atmosphere when lit as the daylight fades. For spring, I prefer using taupe and white tapered candles displayed in our glass Ampton candle holders. These reflect the light and airy feel of the season while ensuring guests’ views aren’t obstructed by heavy solid candlesticks.

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Style Easter favourites

Whether you’re planning an Easter celebration or just want to add a playful touch to your spring table dressing, these seasonal motifs are perennial favourites for my family. There’s a careful balance to strike when it comes to placement; one or two standing ceramic bunnies, for example, can look a little less effective than three or four groupings of sitting bunnies, bunnies with egg, and ceramic eggs on the table and surrounding furniture.

I find that Easter décor also brings personality to my place settings. Consider displaying a crochet bunny or a paper honeycomb egg in the centre of your dinner plate, nestled next to your linen napkin.

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Spring Tablescapes - Dress your table in style (2024)


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