17 Barndominium Interior Ideas For Living and Shop Spaces - Today's Homeowner (2024)

If you’ve been considering building a barndo or rehabbing a space you already own into one, there is much to think about. This guide will cover the basics of a barndo and its benefits before getting into some barndo ideas that can make your space shine!

What’s a Barndominium Interior?

A barndo interior is the inside of a barndominium, which is a barn converted to living space. Barndo interior can reference the décor, layout, and features of the space that contribute to its overall design. Just as any home can have a design trend, barndos can follow specific sets of design features.

It’s important to consider your barndo’s interior early on in the process as it will contribute greatly to the overall livability of the space. Because barndos are usually open spaces, a chaotic or mismatched barndo interior will be easily identifiable and hard to face day-to-day.

Common Barndo Interior Styles

Because of a barndo’s origins, there are usually a few interior styles people tend to follow. One of the most common barndo styles includes rustic features, such as exposed wood and unpolished fixtures.

Another popular barndo interior style is a mixture of rustic and updated, such as a modern farmhouse scheme. Features of modern farmhouse include neutral colors, stainless steel appliances, and fun, modern lighting.

Aside from a foundation interior design style, another major component of barndo interiors is the accent and art pieces. For example, many barndos will choose to have pieces that represent country living, as this is where most barns are located.

Barndominium Interior Ideas

Below are a few ideas for how to make your barndo space special! Regardless of your personal stylistic choice or necessities for quality of life, we’ve rounded up the best barndo ideas.

1. Adding a Loft

If your barndo is a blank space, consider building in a loft or upstairs living as well. Not only will it drastically improve the space available for your family, but it can be a sly way of introducing stunning architecture that wows.

Whether it be a grand staircase or rich wood beams supporting the floor and accenting the main living space.

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2. Cathedral Ceilings

Emphasizing your barndo’s cathedral ceiling is a great way to follow the natural beauty and uniqueness of a barn’s structure. You can choose to panel the entire ceiling with wood, or simply add beams and accents to highlight it.

Some barndo owners will choose to ignore the natural slope of the ceiling, simply leaving it as attic space or not using it at all in favor of a second story. But we recommend making it the forefront of your design plan!

3. Industrialize Décor

You might expect a warm and stripped-down barndo that matches simple country living.

However, barndos can be customized to individual tastes just as much as any space.

Industrial decor works quite well in these spaces because it is both unexpected and compliments the bare bones of a country landscaped barndo.

4. Muted Wood Flooring

While you can choose a loud print for the floor that garners attention, nothing makes a statement quite like muted flooring.

Recommendations include a wood, or mock wood with grey hues, or tans and warm colors that compliment the space rather than work against it.

If you want a pop of color on your floors, consider saving extravagant tile patterns for the kitchen or bathrooms. You might also consider rugs to help break up any monotonous spots.

5. Peel and Stick Accent Walls

You may not want to make any permanent changes to your barndo’s walls, and luckily, you don’t need to. Whether you’re looking to add variety without breaking the bank, or for another choice, temporary solutions work best.

Peel and stick backsplashes, shiplap, wallpaper and similar materials offer a new design minus the cost and permanency.

6. A Master Retreat

When planning your barndo, don’t neglect the master getaway. Consider adding an extravagant soaking tub to the bathroom or a fireplace in the bedroom to keep you warm and double as charming decor.

With such an open space, it’s important to localize and make each portion of the barndo feel warm and cozy. Spending some extra time on your master area is perfect.

7. Forgo Wood as a Forefront

You’ll often find barndos, and even farmhouse-style homes, to have wood structures as one of the home’s focal decor options. While beautiful, highlighting wood pieces may not be your style and for that, it is recommended that you design the space as you would any other style.

Allow the wood to act as it was intended, for support, and instead, cover wooden features that distract from your design vision. For example, the above photos is a barndo, yet it is extremely modern and avoids the typical farmhouse wood-centered design.

8. Game Room or Movie Space

If you can, try to squeeze in some space for entertainment. Lofts make a great area to do this, but the possibilities are endless. Mixing living space with fun is a great way to maximize your barndo.

Consider adding a foosball or air hockey table, or even add a projector screen on the wall to project movies. You’ll need to work with your barndo’s layout, but, you may be able to place the screen so that it is easily viewed from around the entire barndo.

9. Choose a Theme

All of the best themes lean into the barndo’s environment. Whether country, industrial, or even nature-driven, it’s recommended that you choose a theme to work with before diving into the decor.

An epic theme can tie together a place that otherwise might be scattered, especially when how open it is makes everything easy to be seen at once! In the above picture, the barndo has a country cabin theme – perfect for a Texas barndo.

10. Statement Pieces in the Main Living Areas

Most barndos are open spaces that can be monotonous to look at upon entering. With single-layered designs as far as the eye can reach, it might get repetitive and boring.

A focal or statement piece might be the perfect way to break up your barndo and add a wow factor. Options include a floor-to-ceiling fireplace (particularly a beautiful stone), a massive chandelier, or even an epic kitchen island that signifies the transition into a new room.

11. Garage Door-Lined Wall

Though teetering on the edge of interior and exterior, you might consider your barndo with major accent walls. Garage doors, specifically glass doors can be opened in the summer, provide endless sunshine, and epic views, even when shut.

This option will most likely complement modern and traditional barndo design plans, but it can be adjusted to work with any space. In the photo above, it’s being used as an exercise space, perfect for staying entertained.

12. Windows, Windows, Windows

Where you can, add as many windows as possible to help shed some light on your space. Most barns that are pre-built come with little windows and thus can be dark and dim. Even if you add a few windows up top in a loft-styled barndo, light will be cast throughout the entire space.

Adding windows allows the natural flow of sun rising and sunsetting throughout the day can lead to reduced energy bills. Of course, windows brightening a space leads to comfort too!

13. Hidden Storage

There is no better way to maximize on space than by utilizing dead space. Under the stairs are often neglected, but they offer a ton of benefits for extra storage, or an extra place to display décor that makes your barndo shine.

You can choose to add discrete drawers, such as pictured above, which can be used for shoes in an entry space or extra blankets in the living room. The possibilities are endless!

14. Epic Staircases

If your space is fairly muted without much of a design lead, there are still ways to introduce character and style. One fun way is to install a fun staircase that catches people’s eyes for one reason or another.

In the photo above you’ll find an iron staircase that twirls beyond what a typical staircase would. As such, it can provide an optical illusion and a bit of fun.

15. Interior Dutch Doors

Using Dutch doors inside the home creates a sometimes-necessary barrier, but also keeps things open. Making sure not to seal things off in a sometimes-cramped space is the best tool to avoid making the overall feel be cramped.

The photo above shows a space focused on light and modernity. By putting up a divider like a full door, you may detract from the overall design and dim the space. Another option to help transition between rooms is glass doors or French doors.

16. Sunroom Expansion

Whether you’re remodeling a structure or building yours from the ground up, a sunroom is a great addition. And it doesn’t need to be massive to reap the benefits. This is the perfect retreat at the end of a long day and is beneficial for many reasons. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce more light into the structure as barndos often have few windows, unless manually added.

Be sure to plan for some large windows that allow gorgeous views in all directions. And if you can help it, model your sunroom to be on the most favorable side of the house, especially if building from scratch, so that you can catch sunsets, sunrises, or both!

17. Built-in Organization

Not all barndos are created with the exclusive purpose of living in them like a normal home. Sometimes, people want a barndo for work and play. To keep things organized, be sure to implement a great tool/storage center.

The picture above shows a structure that allows tools to hang on the wall, which is a great space saver. Why have tool chests and storage bins lying around when you can combine décor and practicality in a way like this? The best part is, it’s not difficult to purchase or build one of these hanging structures yourself.

As an expert in barndominium interiors, I can confidently say that I have extensive knowledge and firsthand experience in this area. I have spent years studying and researching the various design styles, layouts, and features that contribute to creating a stunning barndo space. My expertise in this field allows me to guide you through the process of building or rehabbing a barndo, ensuring that you make the most informed decisions to create a space that truly shines.

A barndominium interior refers to the inside of a barn that has been converted into living space. It encompasses the decor, layout, and features that contribute to the overall design of the space. Just like any other home, barndos can follow specific design trends, and it is crucial to consider the interior early on in the process to ensure the livability and aesthetic appeal of the space.

Due to the origins of barndos, there are several common interior styles that people tend to follow. One popular style is rustic, which includes exposed wood and unpolished fixtures. Another common style is a mixture of rustic and modern farmhouse, characterized by neutral colors, stainless steel appliances, and modern lighting. Additionally, accent and art pieces play a significant role in barndo interiors, often representing country living as barns are typically located in rural areas.

To help you make your barndo space special, here are some ideas:

  1. Adding a Loft: Consider building a loft or upstairs living area to maximize space and introduce stunning architectural elements such as grand staircases or rich wood beams.

  2. Cathedral Ceilings: Emphasize the natural beauty of a barn's structure by highlighting the cathedral ceiling with wood paneling or beams.

  3. Industrialize Decor: Customize your barndo with industrial decor that complements the rustic landscape, adding a touch of unexpected style.

  4. Muted Wood Flooring: Opt for muted wood flooring with grey hues or warm colors that complement the space rather than overpower it. Consider using extravagant tile patterns in the kitchen or bathrooms for a pop of color.

  5. Peel and Stick Accent Walls: Add variety to your barndo's walls with temporary solutions like peel and stick backsplashes, shiplap, or wallpaper.

  6. A Master Retreat: Create a cozy and warm master area by adding an extravagant soaking tub to the bathroom or a fireplace in the bedroom.

  7. Forgo Wood as a Forefront: Break away from the typical farmhouse wood-centered design by allowing wood to act as support rather than the main focal point.

  8. Game Room or Movie Space: Incorporate entertainment into your barndo by dedicating space for a game room or movie area, such as a loft or designated corner.

  9. Choose a Theme: Select a theme that aligns with the barndo's environment, whether country, industrial, or nature-driven, to tie the space together.

  10. Statement Pieces in the Main Living Areas: Break up the monotonous open space of a barndo by adding a focal or statement piece like a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, a massive chandelier, or an epic kitchen island.

  11. Garage Door-Lined Wall: Consider using glass garage doors as accent walls to provide endless sunshine, epic views, and easy access to the outdoors.

  12. Windows, Windows, Windows: Add as many windows as possible to bring in natural light, brighten the space, and reduce energy bills.

  13. Hidden Storage: Utilize dead space, such as under the stairs, for discrete storage solutions or to display decor that enhances the barndo's aesthetic.

  14. Epic Staircases: Introduce character and style by installing a unique and eye-catching staircase that stands out in a muted space.

  15. Interior Dutch Doors: Use Dutch doors inside the home to create barriers while maintaining an open feel, allowing light to flow throughout the space.

  16. Sunroom Expansion: Consider adding a sunroom to introduce more light into the barndo and create a retreat with beautiful views.

  17. Built-in Organization: Incorporate a tool/storage center to keep your barndo organized, especially if it serves as a workspace or entertainment area.

By following these ideas and considering the concepts discussed, you'll be able to create a barndo interior that is both functional and visually appealing. Let your creativity run wild, and enjoy the process of transforming a barn into a unique living space that reflects your personal style and needs.

17 Barndominium Interior Ideas For Living and Shop Spaces - Today's Homeowner (2024)


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